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Icon of someone cycling.

Local community fundraiser Daniel Goff has raised over £500 for EyUp! after he cycled 135 kilometers – the equivalent of a lap of Barnsley.

Daniel has lived experience of using services at South West Yorkshire Partnership Foundation Trust and wanted to give back to the Trust that helped him.

Before Daniel’s 17th birthday he took on the challenge on a stationary bike to provide start up funds for a new activity group or to fund a day out for service users and carers.

Cycling not only helped raised money but also helped Daniel improve his health and gave him a sense of purpose.

Daniel said “I chose to raise money for EyUp! simply to brighten even one person’s day who is struggling with their mental health or give their families or carers something to be happy about. I also wanted to simply give back to the Trust that has helped me throughout most of my teenage years and will continue to do so into adulthood, as well as helping so many others.”

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