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Get your school involved

We’d be delighted to work with your staff and students. With your help we can make a huge difference within our communities.

Our local schools and colleges are really important to us here at EyUp! Charity.
If you’re staff and students are passionate about supporting our local communities we’d love to hear from you!

There are a variety of ways your school could get involved with EyUp! Charity, you may want to hold an event or join our team of fundraisers by making us your school’s chosen charity of the year.

Here’s how we can help you:

  • A member of our fundraising team would be delighted to discuss your ideas and make suggestions.  We can provide tried and tested tips on how to take your fundraising to the next level whilst having fun.
  • Our team love getting out and about to meet our fundraisers and local community.  Along with colleagues from other areas across Wakefield, Barnsley, Calderdale & Kirklees we can attend meetings and assemblies, answer Q & A sessions, join your wellbeing weeks and much more.  We love meeting our amazing community supporters and showing you how your fundraising impacts our services.
  • We can provide you with all the materials and extra supplies for your event such as donation buckets, collection cans, stickers, leaflets and more.
  • At the very end of your fundraising when you deserve a big pat on the back we will be there with our giant cheque ready to help you celebrate the funds you have raised.

Looking for fun ideas and suggestions on how to fundraise?

Then look no further…

  • Smartie pants challenge – fill your Smarties tube full of £1 coins donated by your friends and family
  • Dress up or down day
  • Sponsored football match or sports day
  • Sponsored fun run
  • Recycling round up: Encourage your students and staff to bring in their recyclable ink-jet cartridges. Simply provide a drop off point and our team can supply collection boxes you’ll need.
  • Readathon – get sponsorship for every book you read!
  • Christmas pledge poster – instead of sending Christmas cards, we can send a Christmas poster for your staff and students to write festive messages on for all to see
  • Art Exhibition- create a pop-up art gallery displaying your students art work, attendees can then bid on the artwork they’d like to take home
  • Hold a quiz either virtually or at an event
  • Hold a school disco
  • Hold a school talent show
  • School fair
  • Cake sale or coffee morning
  • Pyjama day – wear your pyjamas to school
  • Turn £5 into…give groups of students £5 to try and turn into more. They could bake or make crafts to sell.

Our Charity team would be delighted to share more ideas with you on how you can fundraise and have lots of fun!

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Call us on 07768 120982