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Join the EyUp! lottery

Who wouldn’t love a bit o’bonus brass! By joining the EyUp! Lottery you’ll have the chance of winning up to £500 every month and help support us to fund health and happiness for Yorkshire folk!

EyUp Lotto graphic

What would you spend 50 quid on? What about £100, £250, or even £500? These are the prizes you could win if you sign up to the EyUp! lottery. It’s only a quid a go! You can have up to 10 chances of winning a month.

Proceeds raised through the lottery go towards EyUp! and support us to fund health and happiness for Yorkshire folk.

About the lottery

Anyone over the age of 18 can enter the lottery. It costs just £1 a go and you can have up to ten chances each month. It’s drawn monthly and the results are posted on our winners page.

Half of the money collected each month from the lottery goes towards the prize money, while the other half goes to the Trust’s charity, EyUp!

Monthly prizes

  • 1st – £500
  • 2nd – £250
  • 3rd/4th – £100
  • 5th/6th – £50

We also hold bonus draws throughout the year when the prizes are even bigger. We hold a special Christmas draw too where the prizes are doubled!

Find out more about the EyUp! lottery in our leaflet.

Any more questions? View the lottery’s terms and conditions. Contact financial accounts on 01924 316208 or email

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