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Leave a gift in your will

Todays legacies will help support our future patients

Help us to create a better future by leaving a gift in your will.

Leaving a gift in your Will can make a huge difference to the patients at South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, for future generations to come.

The most common types of legacy gifts left in Wills are:

• Residuary gift: The residue (or a proportion of the residue) of an estate after all other gifts, debts and expenses have been paid.
• Pecuniary gift: This type of gift will, over time, devalue with inflation. If you want to future-proof your legacy you can ask your solicitor about index-linking your gift so its value keeps pace with inflation.
• Specific gift: A particular asset, for example an investment or property.
• Reversionary gift: A two-stage gift where assets are first held in a trust to provide some benefit to an individual. This could be a property for them to live in or income generated by investments. Once that individual’s need for the property (or trust) ends, the assets then pass to a second beneficiary, such as a charity

We recommend using a solicitor or professional Will writer to draft your Will as it can help reduce the likelihood of your wishes being challenged after you pass away. A solicitor will give you professional advice and hold a copy of the Will for safekeeping.

If you’d like any further guidance around leaving a gift in your will, please email the charity team,