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Support EyUp!

Whether you’re a business or an individual charity superhero, we welcome all support – big or small.

There are many ways you can support EyUp! from taking part in our monthly lottery to fundraising and donating to us. Here’s what your donations could fund:

We’re always looking for opportunities to work in partnership with local organisations too. Whether you can host a staff fundraising for us, put a collection tin in your shop or workplace or even partner with us on a campaign – we are all ears to ideas!

Get in touch at: 07768 120 982 or email

Ta very muchly!

Just Giving main Charity and specific giving / donation pages

Fundraising agreement form

If you would like to fundraise in aid of EyUp! please contact to receive your fundraising agreement form. You will need to complete this form and return it to us before you begin your fundraising.

This is a formal document that can be used to prove you have permission to fundraise in aid of EyUp!.

Legalities of fundraising

Please be aware that there are certain procedures that must be followed when fundraising. These are laid down by central and local government in order to protect you, the fundraiser, and your donors. If you are unsure about any aspect of fundraising legalities, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help. Further information can also be found on:

Public collections

To conduct street collections you must have a permit from the local council. We kindly ask that you do not to run door-to-door collections.

Raffles and lotteries

There are laws and regulations pertaining to raffles and lotteries. These must be fully complied with and you can find out more at:


To protect you, we strongly advise against the use of personal bank accounts for the collection of charitable donations. Online giving websites such as JustGiving are excellent as the donor pays online and the money is sent to the charity directly. Please do not send cash through the post. To arrange paying in your money with us please contact or call 01924 316 403. Cheques can be made payable to EyUp! NHS charity.


EyUp! charity cannot accept any responsibility for your fundraising efforts.


Please ensure you have sufficient public liability insurance if your event is open to the public. If hiring equipment or a service, you will also need to check that the provider has full insurance before signing the contract.

Guidelines for under 18s

If you are under 18, please ensure that your parents or guardians are fully aware of any fundraising activities you have planned.

Please note: under 18s must not fundraise through street and house to house collections, raffles, or an event involving alcohol.

Children under 16 must not be left with overall responsibility for handling money and/or counting collected money.

If you’re unsure about anything, please get in touch! Our Fundraising team are on hand to help you at: or call 01924 316 403

Don’t forget…

As an NHS charity, we need to know who is fundraising in EyUp! charity’s name. Please could we ask you to fill in a fundraising agreement form. This will enable us to support you in the best way possible and keep you legal by providing a letter of authorisation to fundraise for the charity; this acts as permission to use the charity’s name and logo.

Occasionally our fundraisers have a personal connection with a particular area in the hospital and therefore request that their donation is spent on a specific ward/department. If this is the case with your fundraising, please indicate this on your fundraising agreement form. If you are happy to fundraise for the charity as a whole then the money can be used across services.