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Support Us

EyUp supports the work of our Trust by making a difference to our community, mental health, wellbeing and learning disability services. And there’s nowt we like more than raising dosh to help local people. You can ‘elp by:

  • Joining our staff lottery on the intranet – You have to be in it to win
  • Donate pennies from your salary to EyUp every month. Give no more than 99p every time you get paid
  • Payroll giving – contact payroll for more information and give a set amount each month
  • Savoo search engine – EyUp receives a penny for every search made. Currently being piloted watch this space!

Visit EyUp on the intranet and our Trust website to see how pennies can raise brass for our charity. Get crackin’!

Contact EyUp on 01924 316403 or email