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Children and families in Barnsley were able to celebrate #PurpleDay raising awareness of epilepsy thanks to funding from EyUp! charity.

£300 was awarded to the paediatric epilepsy service in Barnsley who used the funds to mark Purple Day, an international day to raise awareness of epilepsy. The team wanted to share their enthusiasm with the children of Barnsley to bust myths and raise children’s confidence in managing their condition.

Epilepsy nurse specialist Sharron Hoyle said: “Taking part in the event helped to relieve anxieties and make our clinics a happy place to be for patients, families and staff which we feel will continue over the coming months. It also helped to bond teams with our partners at Barnsley Hospital and the patients were very happy to have been a part of it.”

One parent commented:

“Purple t-shirts ordered and absolutely over the moon to be involved!”

Another family quoted:

“What a fab celebration! An amazing team.”

The event was open to children with profound and multiple disabilities and neurotypical children, with everyone saying that they felt included.

Sharron continued:

“We know that mental health issues are higher in children with multiple conditions and we would love to do more events building on the success of this one to help improve the mental health of our patients.

“We will definitely be doing something again and also encouraging families to fundraise for EyUp! charity. Thank you!”