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EyUp! Fancy helping us raise a bit more brass?! Simply send off your used ink cartridges with a free post label and Recycle4Charity will donate up to £2 to EyUp! for every cartridge they receive! It’s as easy as that! Cheers!

Recycle4Charity is a free, easy to use ink recycling programme and also a simple way to help the environment whilst raising money for the charity of your choice.

Donations of up to £2 for each eligible ink cartridge recycled will be paid to EyUp! NHS Charity+

Send your ink cartridges to us and help the EyUp! charity benefit from an incredible donation!

See how easy it is to participate.

You can find out more by following the simple donation steps on our recycle donation page

infographic that shows a computer, some printer cartridges and a symbol of some money

Watch our film to find out more