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Image of different colour bath bombs, weighing scale and soap scent package.

A bid to EyUp! charity has turned funds into fizzing after a North Kirklees women’s mental health group took part in a bath bomb making session.

Service users who attend the North Kirklees insight team women’s group were interested in learning something new, so the team applied for funding towards a creative session where they could learn how to make their own bath bombs.

As well as learning a new craft, service users were also able to go on to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the bath bombs they made, aiding in relaxation and maintaining personal hygiene.

There was a wave of praise from the service users, who commented that the session was “fun”, “peaceful”, “very therapeutic”, “helped me to be more creative”, and that they enjoyed learning to make something new.

One service user said that it had been their favourite activity so far since taking part in the women’s group.

Creative practitioner Jessica Kelly said:

“Everyone who attended the activity engaged really well with it. They enjoyed experimenting with the different scents and colours and helped each other out during the session. By the end everyone had made a number of bath bombs to take home.”

“This was a very popular activity with staff and service users commenting that they would like to do it again in the future. It was a very enjoyable activity for all who attended. Thank you to EyUp! charity for turning this request into a reality!”