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Image of a person with a trolley filled with kitchen equipment.

EyUp! has awarded funds to The Exchange Recovery College Barnsley to buy utensils for their new cooking group sessions.

Learners at the college wanted guidance in making simple economical meals and were keen to take part in a cooking group. Thanks to EyUp! they received nearly £300 to buy kitchen essentials like pans, knives and cooking utensils to support the launch of their ‘cooking corner’ group.

‘Cooking corner’ takes place every six weeks and has given learners the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques for cooking. They can then take their delicious hot food home.

Learners have also began socialising with other people on the course, sharing ideas and skills with their peers.

Feedback from learners has been positive, with people commenting:

“I never thought I would be able to cook something like this.”

“My wife will be shocked when she sees what I have made.”

“I have really enjoyed working with this group, everyone is so supportive.”

Samantha Hill, community supporter at Barnsley Recovery College commented “Service users have benefited from learning to cook meals in a supportive and friendly environment. There is laughter and joy during the sessions and people can make friends with others.”

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