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Image of a person using a blender.

EyUp! funding helped buy extra kitchen equipment on Stanley Ward, Fieldhead Hospital, to help with their smoothie and cooking sessions.

Stanley Ward is a 22 bed male inpatient mental health ward. The ward admits working age adults aged between 18 and 65 with mental health needs who are in crisis, supporting them to recover and live well in their community.

The ward run smoothie and cooking sessions for their service users which helps people learn new skills. The groups are very popular but due to a lack of equipment, the sessions were only available to a small group of service users.

With the £180 awarded by EyUp! to Stanley Ward, they can buy extra equipment for their sessions so they could open the sessions to more service users. The activities have been helping improve mood, boost wellbeing, as well as giving people valuable, transferable skills such as time management.

Charlotte MacGregor, occupational therapist commented “All of our service users have benefitted from the funding and now more people can join in the sessions whilst learning new skills at the same time.”